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The Avocado

An updated, throw back story written a few years ago. The Avocado, Mr. Nelson I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the...

Be Bold

I’m bold, what about you? Bold is a person showing the ability to take risk, it’s a person with confidence or one who is courageous. In...


First poem made public, written for John's obituary. This loss hit different.

Collateral Beauty

In 2016 Will Smith stared in a movie entitled Collateral Beauty as a successful New York advertising executive who suffers a great...

Just keep it to your self!

Today I’m reminded of the story of Joseph in the bible (Genesis 37) when he told his brothers and his father about his dream and was...

The Journey Begins

Starting a blog has been a thought in my head for sometime but I‘ve been reluctant because there are so many Blogs already. So today I...

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