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“Do You”

The expression “do you” or “do you boo” simply means to do what's right for you, or do whatever makes you happy.

Doing you can be a hard concept to grasp because there are so many things vying for your attention, so many commitments and obligations that YOU get lost in the sauce. Doing you can also be hard if you are a giver, a mother or a wife who always put other's needs ahead of your own.

Doing you is often looked upon as a negative or selfish act. Just think about it, Any argument that ends in “just do you” or just do you boo is definitely not a positive or welcomed outcome..

I’ve recently discover the joy and necessity of doing you (me). I just wanted one season in my life that was all about ME! One moment in time ( I just starting singing the Whitney Houston song in my head) that I get to do all things Trish. Only accept invitation to places that I really wanted to be. Only do things that made me happy or that provided the end result that I desired.

I’ve spent much of my life doing what I had to do, doing what I was expected to do or doing things because it was the right thing to do. All of that wasn’t lost. I have reap the rewards for most of that but sometimes doing things for reasons other than for yourself can leave me feeling empty and unfulfilled. Doing me has been refreshing and have aided me in my healing process. I have deployed so many thing to help me heal from my recent loss but I can tell you that doing me has truly yield the best results. Let me tell you. Minding your business, staying in your lane and staying out the way ( staying out of way of people) is the key to true happiness.

I can hear the religious chatter in my head. What about God’s plan for you? What about your commitment to your faith? What about your duty to serve and support others? I have calmed all the noisy chatter in my head by saying, doing God‘s will is a part of doing me. I have not neglected anything that I felt God wanted me to do. Doing me and doing the things that God has required me to do are not polar opposites or opposing views. As a matter of fact, I think it’s the purest form of doing me. I love serving, it’s one of my spiritual gifts. I have done God’s will without adding things. I have to admit that sometimes I do things because I was asked or to be nice but I wasn’t always sure it was a God thing. I am learning to separate the nice things to do and the God thing to do.

If you‘re like me. I spend a lot of time planning. and thinking ahead. I never move in hast. Now this is a sharp contrast from the younger version of me, lol.

What I have come to know for sure is that I only have today. I only have Now! I may be planning for the tomorrow, I may be looking forward to tomorrow but if tomorrow never comes, I can take comfort in knowing that I fully lived every moment of today. I took the chance. I made the change. I ate the cake. I took the trip. I did nothing when I wanted to. I spared no expense on the things that brought me the most joy. I spoke up when I didn’t agree. I laughed when I thought something was funny. I cried when I was hurt. I walked off when situations or people that no longer served me. I cared less about what miserable critical people thought and I’m on a living spree.

There are so many problems and turmoil in life that is designed to discourage and distract you from fully living out your now. I have a little advice that has helped me. Take time to refuel and be selfish for a little while. Stop spreading your self so thin. Let those that love you fill your cup, let them pour into you for a little while. Don’t let life’s obligations and traumas overwhelm you. Slow down, take a break and "Just do you Boo"!

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