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“I Got Your Tip!”

Is it me or has customer service gotten worst since the pandemic and the expectation for a tip is out of control? A simple take-out order or online purchase has a tip option. With no services rendered and before a morsel of food is eaten, a tip is expected. I don't tip takeout orders. I hit that no tip button real quick while dealing with the cashier's peering eyes staring at me as I hit button. Sometimes I get the side-eye or the "let me get you out the way" attitude. No smile or thank you, given....."just here". There are a few cashiers who hit the no tip button for me ( that's even better)!

Gratuity used to be reserved for large parties only..... Not anymore. I've seen businesses add gratuity for a party of one and for late night dining. I've been dupped a few times into paying gratuity and giving a tip. Another issue that is on the rise is businesses passing along the cost of the use of a credit or debit card onto their customers. Businesses used to absorb that cost but not anymore. It seems that cash is king again. Like it or not the rules and etiquette for tipping, customer service and fees have changed.

The most egregious tip option I encountered was on an online retail purchase. A few months ago, I saw this absolutely stunning gown online. I could see myself in this gown floating around like Florence Nightingale or Scarlet O'Hara from Gone With The Wind. I wasn't sure where I would wear the gown, I just knew I had to have it. I added the gown to my cart. Proceeded to check out, then I saw the tip options. That blew my mind🤯 Why is there a tip option for an online purchase? Why am I tipping? Who is getting this tip? If I return the item, will the tip be refunded as well? A zillion questions mixed with a healthy amount of contempt flooded my mind.

I am wondering who is to blame for the recent tip option on the digital POS software (point of sale) software. I saw a Before you get the wrong idea, I am a great tipper. Tipping is so ingrained in me that I actually tip mediocre service. I also use to be a waitress and I understand the plight of a server. I have been the victim of rude customers running me around half the night (getting them this and that), they drag tail leaving the restaurant (which means less customers in my assigned area) and then they have the audacity to leave a buck or two for all my trouble.

What are the rules for tipping?

According to Lisa Mirza Grotts, who has been an etiquette expert for 23 years. “Any time a service is performed, a gratuity is required”.

Sam Zietz, CEO of GRUBBRR (Self-Ordering Systems & Digital Kiosk Software Solutions) says 20% percent of the bill has become standard for sit-down establishments and 10% for quick-service restaurants.

I believe tipping is imperative when you receive good food and great service in a warm inviting atmosphere. The nuance of tipping on every purchase is a No for me. I will not be tip on online purchases and take-out orders. If businesses insist on charging me 3% when using my debit or credit card, I'll start using cash. I am over the extra charges and fees!

If you're like I am and can't keep up with the new standards for tipping, you can download Gratuity App. The app recommends how much to tip depending on the type of service, i.e., waitress, barber or concierge and the quality of the service.

What are your thoughts on tipping? Where is the line for you regarding tipping?

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