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Join me in Prayer for my 2022 Mission’s Trip to Africa.

Lord, let everything on this mission’s trip to Sapele go exactly as it should, and exactly as you have ordained. In Jesus name Amen!

That prayer is for this mission’s trip, but that prayer is also for you. Sometimes we be kicking against the brick. We are fighting, striving, complaining, worrying, and working against the things God allowed to keep us safe, to prosper us, to deliver us and to help us. So today I say Father let your will be done. I say, Father I trust you because you can see further down the road. Father I trust you with my life (fear will not consume me and cause me to shrink back). I trust you with my plans. I trust your way. Let this mission’s trip and all the ones after, be for your glory.

I remember our last mission’s trip to the Dominic Republic. We all arrived at the Charlotte airport hours ahead of schedule. For some reason, I can’t recall right now, our flight was delayed for hours. The delay caused us to miss our connecting flight in New York. We spent all morning in Charlotte, delayed and all afternoon in New York, delayed. It was around 8pm when we were finally on our way to the DR. There were 33 of us waiting. I don’t recall anyone upset, grumbling or mad about the delays. We weren’t happy either, we just made the best of it. The airline made a few accommodations for us when we arrived in New York and they also ensured our luggage and supplies arrived with us in the DR (which was a blessing). The area that we were serving was at least a two hour drive from the airport.

I’m not sure if you have ever been on a mission’s trip but the amount of luggage is tremendous. Just imagine 33 people with at least 1 checked bag and a carryon (we normally give our 2nd check bag for supplies). In addition to that, there are possibly 40 to 50 more checked bags with supplies. I’ll let you do the math on that. All that luggage must go through customs before we are allowed to enter their country. Each bag is inspected, and we run the risk of items being taken because it’s something they feel we shouldn’t have or perhaps something that they want. Because of all the delays we made it to the airport in the DR around 2am. The airport was understaffed and perhaps overwhelmed with their regular flow of customers, our group and all of our luggage. We had one of the easiest entrance processes that I can remember. One of the major concerns on a mission’s trip is supplies and medication making it through customs. I believe God allowed the delays so that we cross on dry ground (at a safe time). God said his ways aren’t our ways and his thoughts aren’t our thoughts. I believe he saw something we didn’t see and blocked it. We went on to have a very successful mission in the DR and God used us as he always does to be his hands and feet in the earth. When things don’t work out (in your life) according to plan, just know that God is in control. He knows, He sees, and He cares and he’s gonna work it out.

We have already experienced a delay on this missions trip and we haven’t even left yet. We depart from Charlotte at 8:30am on June 9th. We arrive in Atlanta at 9:44am. Our initial flight from Atlanta to Lagos was canceled and they booked us on a later flight. Our group of 16 will have a nine hour layover in Atlanta. We now depart from Atlanta at 6:44pm and arrive in Lagos at 11:20am on the June 10th. Then we will have another short flight from Lagos to Bein and then ground travel to our destination. Mission work is not as easy at it appears, there are so many moving parts and opportunities to be discouraged and give up. By the grace of God we will serve in excellence in Sapele, complete our mission and return home safe.

Lord, I pray for those that donated to make this missions trip to Sapele possible. I pray that you would continue to bless them and keep them and their families. I pray that you would give them good success. I pray that you would hear them when they cry out to you. I pray that you would send them help when they are in need or distress. God one person may need you for one thing and another person may need you for something else. I pray that you would meet every need as only you can. In Jesus name, Amen!

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