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Old Friend

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

I have a dear old friend. I use to really like her but I have now grown tired of her unpredictable and disrespectful behavior. She comes and goes at her leisure. Without warning, without invitation or provocation, she pops up out of no where. She has awful timing. It’s almost as if she is lurking, stalking and waiting to barge into my life and disturb my peace.

I remember when being with her was comforting . We did everything together. She was with me every moment of the day. When I woke up she was there, when I would try to sleep, she would wake me up, at church she was there, at work she was there. I couldn’t get a moments rest but I felt she was a part of the process so I didn’t mind her company. I was also somewhat comforted by all the wonderful memories she brought with her.

After a few months, I told myself, feeling like this all the time can’t be healthy. Other friends and family members encouraged me to move on as well. So, I tried to create some distance between us but she held on even tighter.

I was finally able to shake her a little and begin to have fun and enjoy life but then here she comes with the same old blues.

I‘m happy to report that even though my old friend grief still makes her unwelcomed cameo appearances from time to time, she doesn’t stay as long and she doesn’t steal my joy like she use to. I have now learned to slow down and welcome her visits because grief is a part of the healing journey ❤️🩹

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