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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

I woke up this morning, read my devotion and prayed. The title of my devotion was "A little Goes A Long Way." It was about the importance of a little, little things and little gestures. It was about how God honors the little things, God worked through little things and God notices when we do little things (act of service/kindness). It was a refreshing reminder to do the little things and not get caught up in the size or scale of the work, thinking that bigger is always better. Even though I enjoyed my morning devotion, I couldn't shake my thoughts and feeling about the need for strength. I began to pray and ask God for more strength. Strength is always on my prayer list along with wisdom. I've always recognized that I need his strength and there's not much that I can do without it. I began to search for a scripture that I could recite and ponder for the today. I stumbled upon proverbs 31:25 that says, "She is clothed in strength and dignity, and she can laughs at the days ahead." The word clothed to me means that I possess strength and dignity. I am often complimented on my strength. I don't always recognize that in myself, but I thank God that he has given me strength and he has given me dignity and because I know he is the God of tomorrow, I can laugh at the days to come. I am not approaching them with fear. I am not approaching them with anxiety. I am approaching the day ahead with a smile and absolute fearlessness because I know where my help comes from. I know that the devil's job is to rob me of my hope, my peace, and my joy. His job is to create some sort of doubt in my mind, and in my heart about what God said. So today I boldly confess that God has clothed me with strength and dignity. I am laughing at the days ahead and I'm not worried.

Our "Current Culture" is design to make us anxious and worried and will have us chasing after everything. It says, you have to be a BOSS and there is so much pressure and focus on money, clothes, hair, your body and makeup and entertainment (or for me adventure). Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with more money, fun, food, hair, makeup, adventure or entertainment but you can't become consumed or distracted by those things. There are bigger or as by devotion stated this morning" little things" for us to do.

How do you know when you are consumed by the agenda of the current culture?

Recognized how you feel when:

  • You can't catch a flight out to the hippest vacation spot or restaurant

  • You can't get your hair, nails and makeup done

  • You can't buy the latest bag, sneakers or sandals

  • You are chasing every and any opportunity to get more money

  • When you're at home with nothing to do

  • You can't afford to attend mid-week concerts

  • When it's the weekend and you are not out at brunch, dinner or the movies with friends

If the lack of these things doesn't concern you, the culture hasn't impacted you as much but if you are willing to do almost anything to obtain it or get there; if you become stressed, anxious or worried when you don't have it; or if you are willing to rack up debt, then it's time that you take a step back and reevaluate your current state.

I have identified, that lately I've become very consumed with fun, and living it up (there was a purpose for that initially but now it's time to pull it back). I wasn't worried or stressed because I have the means to travel and go as I please but I have become very distracted. Sure I've been doing my missions work, volunteering and helping others but now I want to shift my focus toward spiritual growth and leaving a legacy or road map for my family and the next generation. I don't care what the culture tries to push. I am fighting to have a balance (enjoy my adventures but also focus on God's plan for me) in my life, to enjoy my days on earth and continue to do the "little things" that brings glory and honor to God.

Lastly, I want you to know that you are filled with strength and dignity, you can laugh at the days ahead (though filled with trouble) because you are not driven by fear or the unknown! You have lived enough life by now to know where your help comes from and the current culture that we live in won't be able to convince you otherwise.

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