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“The Overthinker”

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

My name is Trish and I am an "Overthinker." Don't laugh just yet because I know I am not the only one. I not only think about what happened. I think about all the possible reasons that it happened and what was the motive and why and where and who....... I go down another road with thoughts of what did I do to deserve this and is this karma. Yeah, I can really get down in the weeds.

Today I had two competing thoughts in my head that left me feeling some kinda (kind of) way. I was debating back-and-forth in my mind the possible truths and to be honest neither thought had much truth or value. They were just things that popped into my mind that was attempting to rob me of the peace that I was enjoying. I told myself; no, "we not doing this today".

We have to be very careful of our thoughts. We can't let our mind just run amok on us. We have to quickly realize what's going on internally when thoughts pop up.

You can be innocently strolling on Facebook and see someone and your mind begins to drift off into some negative thoughts or feelings about that person or situation. In this moment, the validity of your feelings are not important. You have got to stop and consider what's really going on with “YOU.”

In my case, I considered, there's no way that I am healed if when this subject come up for me, it brings about uneasiness and negativity. I immediately begin to pray Lord, please continue to heal me in this area and heal me in all places that I hurt.

The immediate response in my spirit was "Healing is the children's bread." That was Jesus's response to a request for healing in Matthews 15

26 And he answered, "It is not right to take the children's bread and throw it to the dogs.

What Jesus was saying to me (and you) is that healing in for me. Healing is my right as

His child, as His kid. Healing is something that he has already prepared for me. We (I) need to continue to cooperate with that healing and reject inappropriate thoughts and feelings that go against what we already know to be true.

There are lots of prayers for physical healing: Lord please heal my friend from Cancer, COVID, or Pain. Those are important prayers but we can't neglect praying for healing from small hurts, small offenses, disappointments, bad relationships/ friendships and unpleasant encounters. Little hurts left unhealed will cause you to be bitter, ready to take offense to every little thing, it will cause you to act out with people that didn't hurt you. It will cause you to put up walls and keep you from being your authentic self.

Today I pray that God heals you from the little hurts, you know, the things that you attempted to overlook and be the bigger person, the things that an apology was given for but it just didn't do enough to change how they made you feel, the sideways compliments that made you do a double take, the outright lies that you decided not to even address, the audacity that they had, the liberties that they took and the times you had to smile and just "grin and bear it". I pray that when these things come up for you, that you reject the tendency to overthink and the thoughts and feelings that overthinking produces and claim the healing and peace that God has already provided for You.

Just for laughs: If you need to purchase a journal for $14.95 to decide if you are overthinking, just know, you are doing it again🤣🤣🤣🤣

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